How to Make Costume Blood and Guts

First of all, its really easy and it takes no mastermind to create the Horror Movie atmosphere. I learned how to make all this stuff at Highschool-but it wasn't exactly just in theatre. We had a presentation called Mothers Against Drunk Driving and some kids had to get together with professionals and create a car crash scene in front of the High school. So my job was to make all the guts, blood and bruises and all that fun stuff. Later I played a few pranks on some of my friends. The best and the easiest was the classic bloody nose.

    The items you need.

1. KY Jelly.
2. Vaseline
3. liquid latex
4. Red food coloring
5. Condoms
6. Blue eye shadow

Now it all seems kind of strange, it sound like stuff for something perverted-but actually they make great products for making this sort of stuff.

How to make Blood

This is where you use the KY Jelly and red food coloring. Its really easy, just mix the two together in a bowl and smear it anywhere. Nose, hands, from your eyeball or even on a knife. It looks real and its better than ketchup and it looks better that those cheesy 1980 horror flicks. I freaked out a friend of mine acting like I fell down the stairs and blood was all over my face. It was pretty funny.

How to Make Intestines

Take two condoms and stuff each one with Vaseline inside them, tightly-but not so much that they burst. Occasionally stuff fake blood and blue eye shadow along with the Vaseline. Tie the open ends (like you would a balloon) and then tie the two condoms together. Then roll them in some fake blood at the end. Now you can just put them anywhere. You can act dead on your couch with the intestines on top of your stomach and then wait until your roommate gets home.

How to make fake skin and cuts

This is probably the hardest of them all. The cheaper the latex-the harder it is to work with. Liquid latex takes time to dry and its very delicate. Its a lot like acrylic paint. It peels easily on skin-but NOT on clothes. DO NOT get it on your clothes. Just chose a practice place- like your hand for instance. Paint a small layer on your skin and wait about 10 minutes. Then make another layer again over the dried layer and wait yet again for 10 minutes. Make about 3 layers and when its dry. you can slowly peel the latex and form fake, deformed looking skin and cuts. Use the fake blood to make it look even better. And if the latex doesn't match your skin color, buy a liquid and powder cosmetic that you can cover up the original color.

Most of these products can be bought at your local H.E.B. The Liquid latex is hard to find but they sell it at sex shops too. You can also probably order some off the internet somewhere.